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Dream Interpretation of beacon

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Dream Interpretation of beacon - Beacon dream meaning

See Lighthouse.

1- This can show, variously, a warning, the need for communication or a strongly held principle by which one lives.

2- Our emotions may be ‘flaring up’ and need directness of communication.

3- Beacons may light the way to spiritual enlightenment and on to spiritual sanctuary.

Avoid misunderstandings, but should you unavoidably quarrel, take the first step towards reconciliation, or you will regret it.

What does it mean when you dream about Beacon?

(See Banner; Torch)

As a source of light, beacons take on the symbolism of illuminating the way to spiritual enlightenment and to sanctuary for the spirit.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Our emotions may be ‘flaring up’ and need directness of communication.

If the flame is unprotected a beacon may signify passion.

Material aspects: This can show, variously, as a warning, the need for communication or a strongly held principle by which you live.

Gives gender - specific: In a man’s dream, without the spiritual connotations, a beacon can be a symbol for sexuality. In a woman’s dream it is more likely to suggest passionate feelings.

Person who helps others to find their way in life

Dream meaning of Beacon

A beacon of light in a dream is rare. So what is a beacon? What happens if you see this in your dream?

This is the light that helps sailors to arrive in ports or lightens our way through tough situations, embodies the help we need to guide us better in life. Do not overlook the detail, such as a light beacon on the sea shore in a lighthouse signaling reefs, underwater rocks, or dangerous straits.

In this case, the dream might be an alert or a warning of something dangerous.

If your dream involves a beacon, such as a beacon of light, then this dream symbolizes new relationships. It is a good idea to welcome new friendships in the future. A beacon can act as a reminder, or it can suggest that you need to have better communication. If a man dreams of a beacon, this generally symbolizes that he has passionate feelings for a woman. If a woman dreams of a beacon, it is likely that her social circle adores her and that she is wildly popular.

For a manager to see a beacon-light, portends a prosperous time ahead at work. If you are in distress in any way, then this dream means you are likely to fall down with a sickness, and the recovery is going to take a while. To see a beacon of light going out in a storm or distress indicates reverses at the time when you thought fortune was deciding in your favor.

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