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Dream Interpretation of betel

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Dream Interpretation of betel - Betel dream meaning

Dream about Betel Leaves is about peace of mind, enlightenment, tranquility, fortune, goodwill and insight. You are seeking for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You need to associate yourself with energetic people. Your dream is a sign for luxurious living and pleasurable surroundings. Something unexpected is about to occur.

Betel Leaves hints some childhood memory or a period of time where you were more carefree. You are part of a team. Your integrity is put into question. Your dream is a portent for reluctance in starting over or in taking a new direction. Your actions are disconnected from your emotions and conscience.

Betel dream is about your attitudes and feelings toward a relationship. Perhaps there is some situation in which you are unable to assert yourself. You are experiencing feelings of aggression. This dream is a portent for your burning passion and libido. You need to start standing up for yourself.

Betel in this dream denotes your primitive impulses, wild nature and repressed emotional energy. You feel that you are being judged and criticized for the path you want to take. You are coming home or returning home. Your dream expresses an obsession, an addiction, a codependent or abusive relationship or something that is beyond your control. Others are questioning your appearance.

Leave in dream is a portent for simplicity. You are ready to try something different. You need to work hard to achieve your goals. This dream hints humbleness, humility, or devotion. You may be going through the three-step process of denial, acceptance and finally moving on.

Leave dream stands for excess and overindulgence. You are not considering the consequences of your action. You feel that certain aspects of yourself are being neglected. Your dream is a need for cleansing. You are ready to burst. The outcome may be damaging and hurtful, especially to those around you.

Dream about both “Betel” and “Leave” is sadly a warning signal for barrenness, loneliness and feelings of isolation and hopelessness. You are not spending enough time with a person in your life. You are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. Your dream is an indication for the phallus or some insult. You do not know where you stand in the relationship.

Dream about betel leaves signifies your vulnerable side. Perhaps you are in the middle of a stingy situation. Some important and significant stage in your life may be coming to an end. Your dream refers to the burdens you carry in life. You are anticipating for some big event or news.

Dream about Seeing Betel Leaves states your emotional needs and desires. You are emotionally withdrawn. You need more motivation and encouragement. The dream states endurance and freedom. You are putting yourself down and are allowing others to take over.

See in your dream is a hint for a place where you feel safe and protected. Someone is indifferent towards you. You may be feeling emotionally or physically unclean. This dream hints communication with someone or with your conscious mind. You are warming up to a situation.

Betel in your dream is an omen for disappointments and severed relationships. Perhaps you have been hurt and are being guarded with your emotions. You are in complete control of a particular situation in your life. This dream stands for a conflict with your mother or some dominant female figure in your life. Sometimes you need to take a chance.

Leaf in this dream is an evidence for a forceful and jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges. You need to be more diplomatic in a situation. You are having difficulties contacting to others. Your dream stands for your hot temper. You have left behind your past.

See and Betel signals relaxation, pleasure and ease. You need to show more pride and confidence in your ability. Something from your past is still impacting your present situation. This dream is a signal for your playful, innocent and childlike nature. You are feeling tremendous mental strain and are trying to reach out for help.

Dream About Seeing Leaves is a signal for awareness. You are open to confronting your own feelings and letting your emotions come to the surface. You are always helping others with their goals. The dream is about someone in your life who you idolize and who you thought was always so strong. You are being deceptive about some matter.

Dream About Betel Leaf is a hint for your real life relationship with a person and how you feel about him/her. You will find success and rise above those around you. You are putting up a barrier between your conscious and subconscious state. Your dream suggests divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood. You are going against your conscience.

Dream about Seeing Betel Leaves is a clue for the way you want to present yourself to the public. You have the ability to succeed and fulfill your desires. You are acting different. Your dream is a symbol for your desires to have things run more smoothly. You are taking advantage of a person.

Sometimes, dream about seeing betel leaves points at your lack of judgment and your gullibility. You may be acting out and have a desire to awaken your passion. You feel no one agrees with your thinking. Your dream is a message for a lack of clarity in a situation. You lack creativity, individuality and initiative to venture out on your own.

Dream about Betel Leaf signifies steady and satisfactory progress in your future endeavors. You internalize your emotions and keep things inside. You will overcome hardships and misfortune. This dream is a metaphor for hugs and kisses. You are expressing some anxiety about leaving behind what is familiar to you.

Betel Leaf is an evidence for dependability, truth and dedication. You are in control of your own emotions and passions. You are a giving person and always there to lend a helping hand. Your dream signals you hyper-alertness and loyalty. You are interconnected with the world.

Betel dream states some frustration in your life. You are being emotionally distant. You may be on a self-destructive and self-defeating path. Your dream denotes a rejection of traditional values and beliefs. You have anti-social tendencies.

Betel in this dream refers to maternal and paternal protection. You need to alter some behavior, attitude or aspect of your life. You are feeling unfairly treated. The dream is the sun, the moon and the five main planets. There are some emotions or concepts that you need to confront and then let go.

Leaf in dream symbolises hard work is needed to achieve your goals. You need some variety from your daily routine. You need to repent for some misdeed that you have committed. Your dream is a metaphor for the cycle of life or how things have a tendency of coming full circle. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life.

Leaf dream means your desire to sanitize a situation. Are going around in circles. You are missing a partner in life. Your dream is a portent for homeliness and the comforts of home. You may be promoted to a coveted position.

Dream about both “Betel” and “Leaf” expresses your hastiness and disappointed efforts. Something in your life is not working out the way you want it to. Someone is not paying enough attention and showing enough affection toward you. This dream indicates your need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. Someone or something is threatening your family circle.

Dream about betel leaf is a message for greed and temptation. You are being inhibited and prevented from fully expressing yourself in some area of your life. You feel restricted in some way. This dream is about joviality and light hearted fun. You are feeling alienated and disconnected.

Dream about Betel Nut is a portent for vitality and renewal. You need to take the lead in some projection or situation. You need to take a broader view on your life and where it is headed. This dream points to a transformation in your personal life. You are letting circumstances dictate your emotions.

Betel Nut expresses pent up aggression. You are proud of your body. You are overstepping your boundaries in some situation or relationship. The dream is a message for a dominant male figure in your life. You are on the fast track to success.

Betel dream hints grief and mourning. You need to break up the issues and attack them piece by piece. A situation or relationship is unstable. The dream is a metaphor for aspects of yourself that you have repressed. You need to take things more slowly.

Betel in this dream is a clue for wishes or unrealistic expectations. You want to take action but are afraid to speak out. You are reaching for the stars. Your dream is a clue for non-conventional thinking. You are not challenging yourself.

Nut in dream states your repressed thoughts. You want to be less inhibited and explore other areas of personality. You exert your power only when it is necessary. This dream is a premonition for the raw emotion and intense passion or anger that is flowing through you and yearning to be expressed. Perhaps, you are off track and headed in the wrong direction.

Nut dream expresses acceptance of yourself. You or someone is being opportunistic. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own. This dream is about minor obstacles you are facing in your life. You are trying to hide under a facade.

Dream about both “Betel” and “Nut” is unfortunately an alert for failure in some personal endeavor or a setback in some ideal you had. You have a tendency to get attach to something or someone too quickly. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation. This dream is an indication for your desire to break out of the routine; you want a change of pace. It is difficult for you to express your feelings.

Dream about betel nut is a clue for a solid foundation of fortune. You are ready to make a big change in your life. You will succeed in some task. Your dream hints a union between your intelligence and your instincts. You need more motivation and encouragement.

Dream about Eating Betel Leaf means progress and achievement. You are seeking security in some situation or relationship. You are moving forward in the right direction. This dream is a message for completion and recognition for a job well done. Everything will turn out okay.

Eat in your dream is a sign for a devouring mother or the feminine power to possess and entrap. You need to free yourself from your possessions. You need to keep your distance from some matter or situation. This dream is a premonition for a complicated situation which you have been left to fight on your own. You have lost the ability to express your feelings.

Betel in your dream symbolises you may be looking for some form of approval. You need to act with deliberate action and precision. Your life is too structured. This dream is an omen for something that you are doing wrong. You need to protect yourself against your adversaries or haters out there.

Leaf in this dream indicates your refusal to see the truth about something or the avoidance of intimacy. You need to pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going. You are being mislead or tricked. The dream states school and learning. You have been wronged in some way.

Eat and Betel is some memory or event. You will accomplish your desires via not so legitimate means. You are keeping your emotions well guarded. The dream refers to an elevated sense of awareness or sudden clarity. You are experiencing a sense of calm and refreshment.

Eat and Leaf states the spirit of giving. You have done something that you are not proud of or that is festering inside you. You are recognizing and utilizing your instinctual energies. The dream is a harbinger for a life of ease and joy. You are going against the masses and expressing your own personal freedom.

Dream About Betel Leaf is spirituality and vitality. You need to assert yourself and make your presence known. You need to look at things from a different angle. Your dream is an evidence for a memory and brain power. A major transformation is taking place in your life.

Dream about Eating Betel Leaf refers to unity, togetherness, respect and family. You are coming clean about your past. You are under some tremendous pressure. This dream is sometimes your personality, your character and your inner sense of well being. New information is slowly revealing itself to you.

Sometimes, dream about eating betel leaf is sadly a warning alert for to a problem that you can not solve it by yourself. You have been callous and insensitive toward someone or something. You are too easily susceptible to some negative energy around you. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for your strong, negative emotions like hate, anger, etc. You are lacking spirit and enthusiasm in some area of your life.

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