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Dream Interpretation of boots

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Boots featured in a dream is a lucky omen. If in your dream the boots were leather then this indicates a marriage in the near future.


To dream that the boots were being worn by you is an extremely lucky sign. If you loose a boot in your dream then this means that there is some danger in the future. Make sure you trust the people around you. Picking or putting on boots in a dream denotes that you will be wise in a situation.

To dream of bright boots (red, orange, blue etc) indicates that you are going through an identity crisis. To kick off your boots in your dream indicates a sense of communal search for one thing – peace. Have you and someone else made up after an argument recently?

What does it mean when you dream about Boots?

If new, renown, a happy future (Art); boots or shoes are symbols of luck.

New and/or com- fortable well-polished boots forecast promotion and financial security; but if they were shabby and/or ill-fitting, you would be well advised to give more serious attention to your personal affairs.


To dream that one is well booted or hath good boots on, signifies honor and profit by servants.

Luck in business is foretold by a dream of wearing new boots.


Dreaming of boots is a sign of power or possession. Military boots denote domain by means of force and violence. Likewise, mountain boots suggest risk and effort. Luxurious boots indicate material goods. Boots for sports, however, comfort and lightness.

To see your boots on another, your place will be usurped in the affections of your sweetheart.

To wear new boots, you will be lucky in your dealings. Bread winners will command higher wages. Old and torn boots, indicate sickness and snares before you.

Dream meaning of Boots

See Shoes.

You can rely upon the faithfulness of your servants or business employees, if you dream of new and comfortable boots or shoes; but if they are old or hurt your feet, you will meet with difficulties, due to your own fault. See also SHOES.

A dream about new or comfortable boots forecasts security in finances. But if the boots were shabby or ill-fitting, you need to pay more serious attention to your personal affairs.

Being grounded, mobile, and getting ahead.

A symbol of something new.

A sexual symbol.

Tough steps

To dream of boots represents a bold position or a firm stance. You or some area of your life that does what it wants and gives up nothing. Moving forward despite all objections or opposition.

Negatively, boots may reflect situations that “give you the boot” or make you feel “walked over.” You may feel compromised.

The color of the boots indicate intentions, feelings, or motivations.


The dream about a Boots is a sign of fortune in the dreamer’s future.

As is explained in the Kabbalah, dreams with Boots are predictions of good fate for the dreamer.

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