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Dream Interpretation of cockatiel

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Dream about Cockatiel stands for your control over your subconscious desires. You may be putting up your defenses. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge your former wrongdoings. The dream points to your aspirations and desires for recognition or fame. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems.


Cockatiel signals some money matter. You may have placed your decision or course of action into someone else’s hand. You are feeling unsettled or uneasy. Your dream points to actual or perceived limitations. You need to make some self-improvements in your life.

Dream about Cockateel [small grey Australian parrot with a yellow crested head] is an evidence for uncertainty in wealth. Perhaps you have a self-defeatist attitude. You need to ask yourself what is causing you to suffer or what is causing you great difficulties. This dream hints your emotional state. You need to learn to forget or forgive.

What does it mean when you dream about Cockatiel?

Dream about White Cockatiel symbolises success ahead for you. You will experience some positive changes in your life. You are in need of some peace and quiet. Your dream points to your ability to make the best of everything that comes your way. Certain secrets will be revealed to you.

White Cockatiel symbolises your access to opportunities or information. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself. You have an edge over others. This dream denotes your ideal self and your notions of perfection. You have found yourself in a sticky situation.


White in your dream states the things that are just outside of your grasp or reach. There is some message that you need to ingrain in your mind. You need to be careful in who you confide in. This dream is an indication for disappointments or unexpected failures. You are trying to express your current feelings or convey your status.

White in this dream is a signal for abundance, prosperity, growth and fertility. Your current course of action may be counter-productive. Perhaps your ideology about friendship is too rigid. The dream is a clue for your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. You feel that you are doing the work, while others are not pulling their own weight.


Cockatiel in dream means your giving nature. You are retreating from a situation. You need to think twice over your actions and its consequences. This dream symbolises arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself. Perhaps you feel that time is running out for you or that there is some deadline that you need to be mindful of.

Cockatiel dream is an evidence for feelings of fear and insecurity over a situation. You are showing off and flaunting your material things. Perhaps you need to let loose and adopt a more carefree attitude. This dream stands for a negative turn in events. You need to be more flexible or yielding.

Dream meaning of Cockatiel

Dream about both “White” and “Cockatiel” is a warning for hidden and embarrassing fears over some secret matters that you have not shared with anyone. You may need to tidy up some situation in your life. You are leaving a meaningless past behind and are thinking for yourself. Your dream points to some old habit, condition, or situation. You are avoiding some issue or situation that is being symbolized by a person.

Dream about white cockatiel is a clue for the womb. Positive spiritual experience will fill you with warmth and love. You need more spontaneity and vitality in your life. Your dream indicates strength and endurance. You are learning to accept and integrate the various aspects of yourself.

Dream about cockatiel signifies wealth and security. You are feeling unprotected by some lurking danger. You are ready for a fresh new start and rebuilding a new self-image. The dream is an omen for new opportunities, insight and self-discovery. You literally feel that you are carrying the weight of others.

Cockatiel dream is a hint for flashes of ingenuity. You want to be one with nature. You are ready to delve into your subconscious and confront the issues that is holding you back. The dream is an omen for comfort, relaxation, ease and luxury. You are letting other people control you and take you in a direction that you do not really want to go.

Whatever highs or lows, joys and excitements you have had to work through, right now it is time for a break. Whether this means taking time out to be alone and enjoy your own company, or just relaxing together – it will do you both good. Try to get a perspective!

Dream about catching a cockatiel points at ideas that you are finally putting to use. In order to become stronger, you need to hold up others so they will hold you up. You are showing your devotion to your beliefs. Your dream points at your intellect and your desire to have more influence and power over others. The best of your wishes will be realized.

Dream about white cockatiel is appreciation for the life you have. You are in control of your life. You are seeking protection from some intense energy or power. Your dream is about family celebrations, gatherings and familial relationships. You carry yourself with style, grace and composure in the hardest of situations.

Dream about lots of parakeets means spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. You are feeling overwhelmed with the various things you are juggling in your life. You have moved on and forgot a disturbing issue. The dream denotes a cheerful and tranquil home. You may be experiencing new walks of life.

Dream about blue parakeet is a sign for something vulnerable, pure and innocent. Something that was originally emotionally comforting is now giving you much stress. You are keeping up an appearance. This dream is a message for seduction and titillation. You are seeking some personal advice or guidance.

Dream about yellow budgie points to something that can easily escape your grasp. You are experiencing some form of insecurity and jealousy in your relationship. You may be putting up a front instead of addressing the core matter at hand. This dream is an omen for fame, glitz and glamour. You are seeking attention for the work you have done.

Dream about green budgie is a harbinger for intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection and fidelity. You are putting yourself down and are allowing others to take over. You are feeling apprehensive about the future. It is a symbol for the impact you have on others and the mark that you are leaving behind. You are subconsciously reacting to events in your life.

Dream about blue budgie is an omen for dedication and commitment. You are ready to achieve a new level of success. You need to let things be and let things take their natural course. This points at power, gentleness and purity. You are covering something up or that you are hiding a secret.

Dream about Catching A Cockatiel indicates an undesirable aspect of yourself in which you need to confront. You need to you move on from past. You are ambitious and goal oriented. Your dream is a symbol for the sun and positive energy. You are evaluating your role and how you are perceived by society.

Catching A Cockatiel indicates hospitality. You are feeling empowered and undefeatable. Since you are always there for your loved ones, it is time for them to reciprocate. The dream signifies hope, victory, tenacity and stamina. You need to stand up and defend your beliefs.

Catch in your dream stands for cooperation and teamwork in some relationship. You have insecurities and concerns of being judged or criticized for your actions. Life can stop in an instant. Your dream is a clue for a life situation where you are being put on the defensive. You need to pay special attention to the details of a problem or issue.

Catch in this dream expresses mobility. You need to incorporate some zest in your life. Perhaps you need to stop comparing yourself to the standards of others. This dream is an indication for current wars around the world and your personal feelings about it. Life is too precious and that you need to make the most of your time everyday.

Cockatiel in dream points at emotional domination. You are still trying to figure out your direction in life. You need to express and acknowledge your masculine side if you are female or your feminine side if you are male. This dream is a sign for hostility, aggression, or sneakiness. You have broken free from a cycle or habit.

Cockatiel dream points to some misunderstanding in a relationship. You are experiencing some anxiety about pregnancy or some diseases. You do not know your limits. This dream is a clue for feelings that have been downplayed and overlooked. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle.

Dream about both “Catch” and “Cockatiel” expresses your feelings of inadequacy and anxieties of being unable to handle a particular situation. You need to wait for the final result and not assume the outcome. You feel that someone is relying on you too much. This dream is an alert for your tendency to jump from task to task or not being able to stay in one place. You may be going into too many directions and as a result, are spread too thin.

Dream about catching a cockatiel is a signal for some current events or for something that is going on in your life at the moment. You feel that you are above her or him. You are ready to achieve a new level of success. Your dream is sometimes relaxation and recuperation. You are experiencing a higher level of awareness.

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