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Dream Interpretation of ex-partner

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To dream of an ex-partner is quite a common dream.


When we walk in life. We often discover the presence of people. As human being we all have a need for somebody to protect us, hug us when we are feeling down, shield us, and wrap their arms around us. To be there for us. Without this, we naturally feel a slight imbalance. The loneliness and restlessness we are feeling in our spirits. Maybe you are over your ex-partner or they keep appearing in your dreams and you are wondering if they are reeling you in for another encounter.

You can be surrounded by all sorts of people but still feel that you are alone, have many friends but are still lonely, even be with another partner but crave that touch from your ex. When we feel loneliness or need the supply of love that we once had this is when the ex-partner dreams sometimes materialize. At this point, it is important to focus on yourself. When we are feeling left alone we hope that we can have another human being to offer us that “comfort” and protection. Turning to the bible meaning of an ex-partner dream we need to consider Jacob. He was wrestling with his wife and the bible proverbs 27:6 stated “what he does may seem painful to you, but in the end, you will learn the lessons that you need." There is a wrestle in life when you have been mistreated by another, especially someone you formally or still love. This is when the ex-partner dream often appears. In this dream meaning I have covered every ex-partner dream and if I have not then please let me know. Just scroll down for your dream and don't forget to watch my video too! 

What does it mean when you dream about Ex-partner?

To see dream an ex-partner usually represents a personality trait in yourself based on whatever quality or memory stands out most about that person. Ex-partners are very open symbols that are based completely on your most honest memories and feelings about them. Ask yourself what’s the first thing that pops in your head when you think about that person.

Alternatively, an ex-partner may reflect a bad habit or a failure you’re experiencing. They may also represent the return of a recurring problem. If you really don’t like your ex they may reflect a negative situation that is repeating itself in your life. Ex’s can also reflect the re-experiencing of breakups or unpleasant relationship scenarios.


Ex-partners can sometimes be a sign that you are unconsciously repeating bad habits or that your falling into the trap of dating someone who is just like your ex.

If you still have feelings for your ex then they may symbolize your lingering desire for them. They could also represent your desire for something in life you really want, but feel is unattainable. A certain type of experience you want, but feel is not possible.


If you have an ex who was enthusiastic about sex they may represent good luck, success, or a positive experience you are having in waking life. Something you are doing or experiencing is very supportive of your happiness or wellbeing.

If you have an ex that you can’t stand, or believe to be dangerous to your safety they could symbolize a bad choices you regret or negative experiences that you feel you can’t escape.

Dream meaning of Ex-partner

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his ex-girlfriend. She was someone whom he felt was so responsible that she never felt good or enjoyed herself. In waking life this man had to give an arrogant family member the silent treatment in order to teach them a much needed lesson. The ex-girlfriend in his dream symbolizes how helpful it was to him to avoid feeling good and give his family member the silent treatment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend. He was someone she remembered most for cheating on her. In waking life she was experiencing friends lying to her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend and then running out of a house. In waking life she realized that her new boyfriend had a lot of the negative qualities that her previous boyfriend had and felt she had to try harder to be with someone with different qualities.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of walking into her ex-husband’s house and being told that he wanted to marry someone else. In waking life he she was losing trust in her boyfriend after having a number of fights. The ex-husband reflected how she didn’t feel the same love, security, and loyalty anymore after having felt it.


As explained in the Kabbalah, Ex-Partner in dreams is interpretative of one’s unhealthy pastimes.

Those who partake in rumors and gossip of others may experience Ex-Partner dreams.

A dream about an ex-boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend may mean that you keep repeating the same mistakes.
run away with your ex-partner - you want to go back to the times when every day and activity was a new experience and nothing disturbed your freedom
your ex-partner gives you tips about your current relationship - your everyday life will start to depress you
being abducted by your ex-partner - indicates some deficiencies or problems in your current relationship, a dream may also reflect your actual feelings for the person you are dreaming about
your ex-partner hurts or ignores you - it's high time to stop thinking about the past
look after a sick child with your ex-partner - still you have feelings for your ex-partner, maybe you have some unfinished business with him
massage your ex-partner - kt the axis will knock on your heart
visit your ex-partner in the hospital - you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation
to see your ex-partner in an elegant outfit - coming to terms with the breakup; It's time to move on
ex-partner proposes - the dream reminds you that you felt good in your previous relationship and still want to keep in touch with your ex; it does not mean, however, that in your current relationship you are missing something
get a mascot from your ex - you will treat someone upfront
move to your ex-partner - you feel unhappy in the relationship or you are having a certain relationship
childhood boy / girl - you will make a mistake that can cost you a lot.

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