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Dream Interpretation of knitting

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Dream Interpretation of knitting - Knitting dream meaning

A dream denoting wicked talk, gossip (Gypsy). The domestic occupations of women frequently bear this meaning.

If you were knitting or doing crochet, the symbols may be indicative of some waking situation. For example, if you dropped a stitch in the dream, have you been tactless in waking life? If there was a break in your yarn, have you argued with someone? Wool has from the earliest of times represented warmth and protection, and if you are knitting with wool or see wool in your dreams, it can suggest gentleness or motherly qualities within yourself. Be aware, too, of the phrase ‘pulling the wool over someone’s eyes’. There might be things that you don’t know about or don’t wish to see at the present time.

Mending, repairing, creating. Stick to the knitting; do not get scattered.

What does it mean when you dream about Knitting?

An ideal home with a charming mate and several lovely children may be confidently expected by a woman who dreams of knitting.

If a young woman dreams that she has a job in a knitting mill, it signifies that she will suddenly find the man of her choice and will marry him in a very short time with every probability of happiness.

This İs a fortunate dream, for it signifies domestic felicity from now on.

A man or woman who dreams of knitting will need the services of a doctor before many days.

For a woman to dream of knitting, denotes that she will possess a quiet and peaceful home, where a loving companion and dutiful children delight to give pleasure.

For a man to be in a kniting-mill, indicates thrift and a solid rise in prospects.

For a young woman to dream of knitting, is an omen of a hasty but propitious marriage.

For a young woman to dream that she works in a knitting-mill, denotes that she will have a worthy and loyal lover.

To see the mill in which she works dilapidated, she will meet with reverses in fortune and love.

1- The first symbolism connected with knitting is that of creating something new out of available material.

A projcct or idea which is being worked on is beginning to come together.

To be unravelling knitting suggests that a project that is being worked on needs reconsideration.

2- Often it is worthwhile taking note of the colour of what is being knitted (see Colour) in order to make sense of why the image of knitting should appear in a dream. It may well be that the dreamer is working at creating a relationship, or working on emotions.

3- Knitting can symbolise a form of creativity; which we may not have fully realised we have available lo us.

Knitting indicates a need for thrift, especially if the dreamer is knitting by hand.

If the knitting is done by machinery, hasty decisions need careful attention.

Dream meaning of Knitting

1. Peace and tranquility.

2. Home life and childhood.

3. Desire or need for creative activity.

4. Solving difficult and complex problems.

5. Boredom with one’s present existence.

6. Desire to broaden one’s horizons.

Your undertakings will be crowned with success.

If you see someone Knitting you will be deceived.

To dream that you are knitting, signifies a quiet, peaceful and loving home life. It may also refer to someone in your life (past or present) who you associate with knitting. Alternatively, this dream may symbolize your creativity, accomplishments or your need to take time out from your regular routine.

(Interlacing yarn or thread; Weaving) In a dream, knitting represents a problem solver, garments, travels, or hesitation. Knitting in a dream also means the passing of one’s life and the nearing of its end. Knitting in a dream also means living under acceptable conditions, or experiencing the gifts of life between exhilaration and deflation. Knitting a garment in a dream means travels. Ifone sees himselfwrapping the knit in a dream, it means that his mind is set on travelling.

If one unravels his knit after completing it in a dream, it means that his goal was reached then obstructed. In such a dream, if one is incarcerated, it means that he will be released.

If he is disputing something, it means that his disagreements will be solved. Knitting in a dream also could denote sodomy.

Depth Psychology: If you are knitting: a boring task will take time to complete; or you are making something simple complicated. See Stocking.

Knitting is an obvious symbol for something we are building, either in our career or in our relationships. Knitting together a relationship, particularly one that needs mending. (See also Sewing).

To dream of knitting indicates a serene, peaceful, and loving home life. Your dream may also be a recollection of a person in your life whom you associate with knitting.

To dream of knitting may also symbolizes your ingenuity, achievements, or a need to slow down and relax from your regular schedule.

Knitting, as with weaving and knotting, can symbolize a form of creativity, the ability to form something new out of raw material.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We are working on emotions, or at creating a relationship.

Material aspects: The primary symbolism connected with knitting is that of creating something new out of available material, often having a pattern from which to work.

If the pattern is intricate much care needs to be taken.

A project or idea that is being worked on is beginning to come together.

To be unravelling knitting suggests that a project that is being worked on needs reconsideration.

Gives gender - specific: In a woman’s dream knitting can represent the basic feminine skills. As many women become more business-oriented, knitting as a recreation – embodying a different form of creativity – may surface in dreams representing domesticity.

To accomplish a task one small step at a time; research the type and color of item

Something you are concentratedly working at in your life; knitting a relationship together, consider what gar­ment is being made and refer to clothes.

Knitting in a dream is a symbol of a new spirit and new opportunities. A dream portends a quiet family life full of love and peace. Thread, which we use when knitting is a symbol of creativity, while the method of using it while working represents how to use that creativity in life.
see - if you want to be successful in life you have to follow your plan and give up the daily routine
see the knitting thread - you will manipulate someone to get the desired effect
knit yourself - you tend to drag out and complicate things that are actually very easy to solve
learn to knit - the implementation of a certain complex project will require you to acquire new ones skills
to see someone knitting - will stay soon you are involved in a situation that will require you to take quick action
see some people knitting - someone will cheat you in the near future
young woman knitting - the dream portends a new and loyal lover; for women, a dream can also predict a quick marriage, which will contribute to the creation of a peaceful and joyful household in the future.
grandmother knitting - you need to be more persistent and put more effort into your projects to achieve your goals and get better results.
to see knitted clothes - you will be very happy with your family, which will give you a lot of satisfaction in your life
prick yourself or cut yourself with a wire - an argument with a certain person will affect your personal life.

To dream of knitting with yarn represents a meticulous effort to ensure quality or safety. Meticulously covering every detail to insure that something is never going to be dangerous ever again. Cultivating safety, warmth, or quality. Taking the time to care about an accomplishment being special.

To dream of having difficulty may represent a lack of patience or interest in slowly creating something high quality in your life. Not having the skills or talent to carefully make something as perfect as you wanted.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone discussing . In waking life he was working very hard to develop a business that required a lot of painstaking slow high quality work by hand.


Knitting (Weaving/Crochet/Sewing) – Knitting is a symbol of handcraft, and tactile interaction with reality. Dreaming about knitting a garment is a contrast to the common practice of buying a ready-made garment at the store. It is a human instinct to follow a creative process from beginning to end, and there is something deeply satisfying about having a hand-made object. Dreaming about knitting or any handcraft, then, is indicative of a desire for authenticity and real value in one’s life, and a frustration with the assembly-line, mass-produced quality of modern life. The word “knitting” is also used to indicate binding two things together very closely, so your dream about knitting may reflect this common turn of speech. If you dream that you are knitting with two different yarns, this dream symbol almost certainly indicates a joining of two aspects of your life that were previously separate. The colors of the yarn may also be symbolic. These activities all require precision and constant repetition in order to complete the task. If you complete something that you start it can indicate that you have the will to follow through with things that you start. If you don’t finish a project it can mean you need to work on trying to dedicate yourself to following through what you start. If you are creating a new piece of work then it can suggest that you are going to be experiencing something new in your life. If you make a mistake while you are sewing than it can also means that you need to repair certain relationships in your life.

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