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Dream Interpretation of peacock feather

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Dream Interpretation of peacock feather - Peacock Feather dream meaning

Dream about peacock feather denotes a birth (either an actual birth or birth of a new idea). You may need to cleanse yourself of past feelings and start fresh. You believe that you can do a better job if you were in charge of things. The dream draws attention to a temporary setback in achieving your personal goals. You are on a path of self-destruction.

Peacock feather dream is a hint for a restart. You need to put closure on some situation. You are looking for clarity in some situation. The dream denotes your frivolous pursuits. You need to assert and stand up for yourself in your life.

Are you contemplating a move of some kind? Perhaps you’re thinking about relocating to be closer to members of a group with which you’re affiliated. You might also be considering a move to a community where spiritual and metaphysical values are not only discussed but also lived. Make a list of your options, if that helps. You’re in a transitional period right now. You need to be practical.

What does it mean when you dream about Peacock Feather?

Dream about lots of peacock points at the rat race that you are experiencing in your life. You need to learn to say no. You are frustrated with work. Your dream is a metaphor for your need to restore yourself in some basic way. You are in need of some mental support.

Dream about chasing peacock is a hint for your security and secrets. You need to focus on yourself for a change. You are closing yourself off to new ideas and opinions. Your dream is an indication for your desires to fit in. You need to be on guard and on the defensive.

Dream about many peacocks states the act you put on in front of others. You need to expand your awareness and knowledge. You are looking for some comfort and support. The dream is a message for the discovery or realization that that there is a weakness in your plans or in your thinking. You are entangled in some relationship matter.

Dream about colorful peacock is a message for wholeness and equality. You need to learn to sort out your feelings and express them. You are feeling unsure of yourself and where you are headed. This is about quick movement. You are still not ready for the change or that you are fighting against the change.

Dream about pink peacock states changes occurring in your life. You need to be more tolerant of others. You need to learn to forgive yourself. This dream means your sense of belonging and pride. It is time to rebuild.

Dream about peacock in house is a portent for what you choose to let other see. You are having a difficult time on focusing on one goal. You are just going along with what everyone else is doing. It is a hint for an unyielding character. You are putting your childish ways behind you.

Dream meaning of Peacock Feather

Dream about peacock in the sky symbolises completion of a journey or some task. There is a situation that you are refusing to see or accept. You need to better process your emotions so you can understand them in a more effective manner. It is a metaphor for earth. You are looking ahead to the future.

Dream about saw peacock suggests your fear of change. You are unfairly framing someone else for an issue. You are trying to hide the truth. The dream is a clue for suppressing your own needs or feelings. There is something just under the surface that you need to acknowledge.

Dream about baby peacock is an omen for treachery, deceit and hidden instincts. You are facing a lot of pressure. You need to show more restraint. The dream is a premonition for recuperation and recovery. You need to be less codependent.

Dream about snake and peacock suggests your need to be more observant. Some issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself. You have difficulties getting in touch with your feelings. It stands for gains and progress in your endeavors. Perhaps you feel that you have been stabbed in the back.

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