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Dream Interpretation of pod

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Dream about A Pod Of Whales is a message for your successes and achievements. Perhaps you are having to deal with some feelings in some situation. You are open to new things. The dream is a portent for success and richness. Someone that you respect can provide life answers and solutions to your problems and try to guide you toward the right direction.


A Pod Of Whales is a harbinger for your emotional nature and intimate relations. You have a fresh outlook in life. A promotion is in your future. This dream suggests an aspect of yourself that is striving toward greater understanding of who you are and of the world you live in. Your mind is easily swayed.

Pod dream is limitations or restraints. You need to look to the issues or problems from a different perspective. Through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something. The dream is about restraint and constricted emotions. Perhaps, you are struggling with your individuality and independence, especially in some aspect of your relationship.

What does it mean when you dream about Pod?

Pod in this dream denotes your camaraderie and oneness with others toward a common cause. You are being too selfish. You need to clear up some mistakes that you have made. The dream is a hint for old age and issues about aging. You may finally be recognizing and acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was not previously expressed.

Whale in dream indicates someone who is dear to you. You are too easily distracted lately. You are trying to escape from the confines of social expectations. This dream is a message for chaos and disorder. You need to rekindle old friendships and to call up an old friend that you haven’t heard from in awhile.


Whale dream is a signal for a time in your life when things were more carefree and spontaneous. You need to find ways to incorporate some good feelings into your life. You need to slow down and take a breathe. The dream is about feelings of being trapped. You are changing aspects of yourself in order to fit other people’s ideals.

Dream about both “Pod” and “Whale” is a clue for your shameful thoughts. You feel you have lost some aspect of yourself. You may be too confrontational. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for disappointments and death. You are losing control on things that you never had control of in the first place.


Dream about a pod of whales indicates the female aspect of yourself that is mysterious, vulnerable and secretive. You are celebrating your sensuality. You are experiencing a higher level of awareness. The dream is about your emotional balance. You are experiencing peace of mind.

split the pod – you will make an important discovery
eat the pods – you will soon meet a very virtuous and friendly man.

Dream meaning of Pod

Dream about Peas In A Pod states a sigh of relief. You are finally going after what you want in life. You are well on your way to achieving your goals. Your dream signifies pent up aggression. You will be irked by some deceitful person.

Peas In A Pod is a metaphor for your tenacity and work ethic. You need to draw from the inspiration of others. You are able to adapt to the changing environments that you find yourself in. Your dream is a symbol for closure, strength and big gains. You are wagering on something.

Pea in your dream is a message for ending something abruptly or quickly. You need to incorporate some zest in your life. Your rational thinking is in accordance with your emotional thinking. The dream is a portent for some stinging remark. You are feeling insecure and self-conscious about the way you look.

Pea in this dream suggests sharing and getting your fair share. You want to preserve an aspect of your past. Your vitality and energy is being drained away by some situation or someone else. Your dream is about a release or exposure of some tension and pressure. You need to reconnect with some elderly person in your life.

Pod in your dream is an evidence for pining for something or someone. You are in denial about some aspects of yourself. Perhaps something has made you emotionally numb. This dream draws attention to your flexibility in some situation. You are getting caught up in your own guilt.

Pod dream indicates wish fulfillment. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. Perhaps you need to go to the doctor. This dream is a metaphor for of a transitional stage occurring in your life. You need to say sorry to someone.

Dream about both “Pea” and “Pod” signals disappointments and rejection. You are attracted to fame and power but do not necessarily want to put forth the work to achieve it. You need to acknowledge your problems so you can move on. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for your ability to sniff out some problem or suspicious activity. You are lacking creative expression.

Dream about peas in a pod is sometimes a wide range of things. Your memory of the depicted event, incident, or people, is fading. Your mood is changing for the positive as your outlook in life. Your dream points at your strength, stability and a firm stance, especially in the face of adversity. You are idealizing family life.

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