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Dream Interpretation of power lines

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Dream Interpretation of power lines - Power Lines dream meaning

Dream about power lines suggests sorrow and lost love. Your life is full of richness, sweetness and nurturance. You need to think things more clearly and learn to express yourself with more assurance and conviction. It is a hint for the impact you have on others and the mark that you are leaving behind. You are looking at things from a whole new perspective.

Power lines dream expresses togetherness and spiritual bonding. Your past actions will come back to haunt you. Someone in your past still has a strong influence on your mind and the decisions you are making. This points to a spiritual force in your life. Your path to success is within reach.

Take a more creative approach to your work today. Write things down in a graphic, colorful way instead of in a straight list with bullet points. If you have a presentation to make, liven it up with vivid charts and diagrams instead of just words.

What does it mean when you dream about Power Lines?

Dream about power lines falling is a message for renewal and new beginnings. You are transitioning smoothly through life’s events. You are refusing to go along with the system. Your dream is a harbinger for you sensuality and emotions. You are approaching a new phase in your life.

Dream about flying power denotes a rapid rise from obscurity to a position of prominence. You are reevaluating your own values and questioning identity. You need to allow yourself more freedom to do something. The dream suggests your generosity and kindness toward others. You are feeling good about life.

Dream about fire powers points to your successes and accomplishments. You are seeking more clarity and insight. You need to take some time out for pleasure and leisurely activity. The dream is an omen for a give and take situation and the need to work together as a team. You have crossed the line in some situation.

Dream about power outlet is a premonition for spirit and creativity. You are seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. You are under tremendous stress and feel drained. The dream is an evidence for purity, creative energy or intense passion. You will others to notice your accomplishment.

Dream about power drill expresses an enormous sense of freedom from letting down your emotional wall. You are feeling over-exposed. You are in control of your emotions. The dream is a sign for your own sense of morality and conscience. You are seeking guidance from a higher power.

Dream about getting power points at success. You are seeking for more pleasure in your life. You may be putting your work or ambition ahead of your loved ones. The dream is about a strong and solid partnership. Your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success.

Dream meaning of Power Lines

To see or become entangled in power lines, represents your struggle for power and empowerment. You are experiencing an obstacle toward your goals or in your romantic relationship. This is a common dream for people who are having power struggles with their parents.

Power lines crisscross most of the civilized world, bringing the force of electricity to just about anywhere. In this way, they mimic the idea of the creative power of manifestation that is available to be tapped into at any given moment. They also connect with that instant connectivity through communication technology.

If you have power lines present in your dream scenario, then part of what you are connecting to is this force of power that is always available for you to tap into.

If the power lines are down, you may be experiencing a temporary disconnect from your source.

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