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Dream Interpretation of quince

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Dream Interpretation of quince - Quince dream meaning

Is a symbol of love and happiness.

Vision: Eating a quince: you will soon meet your partner for life, just be patient. Shaking a quince tree: losing your temper is costing you the person you love.

If you change course and proceed gently, you can still reach your goal. Picking quinces off the ground: your partner uhas been around.” Seeing a rotten quince: a certain person is not worthy of your love.

Depth Psychology: In ancient Greece, a bride had to eat a quince, reminding her that married life is made up of the sweet and the bitter. This fruit, too, represents your erotic or sexual needs and desires. See Fruit.

[fruit] whoever sees the Quince in his time, and its colour is yellow, then that indicates sickness.

(Fruit) A quince in a dream denotes a sickness. However, if a sick person eats this fruit in his dream, it means that he will recover from his illness.

If a governor eats quince in his dream, it means that he will achieve his goals.

If a healthy person eats it in his dream, it means that he will receive spiritual guidance.

If a merchant eats it in his dream, it means prosperity. Extracting juice from a quince in a dream means undertaking a business trip and reaping good benefits from one’s venture.

A quince tree in a dream represents a prudent, discrete and a firm man from whom no one can benefit, or it could represent a vile person.

A green quince in a dream is better than a yellow one.

A quince in a dream also represents a beautiful and a noble woman. Many interpreters disliked the quince fruit because of its yellowish color, and they mostly qualify it to mean sickness because of the constipation it causes ifeaten raw. However, its yellowish color also can be interpreted as the color of gold. Seeing or eating a quince in a dream also means travelling with good companions, though some of them may be of no benefit. However, in general a quince or a quince tree in a dream can still be interpreted in a positive sense under all circumstances.

To dream of quinces signifies the dreamer shall meet with some changes tn his affairs that shall be for the better.

You are likely to be accused of stupidity if you dream of eating quinccs.

To dream of making quince jelly is a forerunner of being snubbed by someone in a high position.

Picking quinces from a tree foretells unfulfilled wishes regarding your career.

Cooked quince—as in jelly—indicates an an- noying mystery regarding the behavior of a friend. Don’t jump to conclusions; time will eventually dis- close the truth.

If you dreamed of eating fresh quinces, it is a reminder that your tendency to be too casual about your debts and/or responsibili- ties could suddenly embar- rass you. See also Fruit, Trees, Leaf, and Colors.

lucky numbers: 10-27-29-30-36-47

cooking: wil be persecuted by a woman of il fame.

eating: wil fal heir to money without the experience or ability to manage it.

making jelly from: an expensive investment for meager return.

picking: must reach around the greedy few.

spoiled: your investment in the relationship was for naught.

tree blossoming, a: the temptations of prosperity unearned do not equate to wealth.

shaking: your insistence on perfection strangles your emotions.

with fruit on it: a delicate joy and a simple pleasure.

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