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Dream Interpretation of violets

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Dream Interpretation of violets - Violets dream meaning

To dream of seeing violet flowers represents appreciation of experiencing no violence. Experiencing or showing others gentleness. Projecting peacefulness towards others. Charm. Showing others that you are not angry anymore.

Violets – Dreaming of flowers of any type is generally very significant. In order to find the true meaning of the flowers you have dreamt about, find a very good Victorian book of flower meanings.

In season a dream of success; out of season, lawsuits; double violets, extreme happiness or pain (Gypsy).

What does it mean when you dream about Violets?

To dream of gathering them signifies fame as well as fortune; otherwise, they speak to you of love.

See also Flowers and Colors.

A young woman who dreams of picking violets wiH soon meet the man whom she will marry.

Violets that are withered, or that one finds pressed between the leaves of books, denote disappointment in matters pertaining to the heart.

To see violets in your dreams, or gather them, brings joyous occasions in which you will find favor with some superior person.

For a young woman to gather them, denotes that she will soon meet her future husband.

To see them dry, or withered, denotes that her love will be scorned and thrown aside.

Dreams of pretty violets predict many joyful occasions. See Flowers.

1. Represent innocence, honesty and chastity.

2. Happy events in the offing.

3. A good omen for intimate affairs.

Very fortunate for the lover.

Dream meaning of Violets

Vision: Seeing violets in your dream: happiness is possible if you continue to be humble. Do you think you are a “shy violet,” because you have been overlooked so often? Picking violets means luck in love without wasting a lot of words. See Flower.

Depth Psychology: The violet is a reminder of past experiences. Sometimes it is a sign of a happy marriage or family—enjoy it!

To dream of violets symbolizes the happiness that marriage may bring you.

Violets are easy to grow flowers for the late winter and early spring which have a nice scent and are used for both culinary and decorative purposes.

When they are planted, they grow and spread and form a lovely carpet which helps to keep weeds away.

The leaves are edible. The color purple is often associated with spiritual endeavors and deep connection to psychic energies, therefore dreaming of a Violet is deeply integral and reminiscent of the human psyche.

Violets are also spiritually protective omens, which mean that the dreamer will go through a time of being protected on an esoteric level. Seeing violets in your dreams, this is representative of the dreamer moving into a more spiritual side of their life, they are so spiritual in fact that this essence is starting to be taken into them and therefore this is an omen of all of the spiritual elements and wisdom being provided to the dreamer.

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