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Dream Interpretation of vodka

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The appearance of vodka in a dream indicates a lack of moderation in some area of ​​our lives.
see - you will do yourself a lot of harm
drink vodka - you do not take into account the expenses which sooner or later will hurt you a lot
buy vodka - your family will face numerous problems
spill vodka - sleep warns against reckless behavior that can lead to numerous problems
spill on the ground - a dream warns you against making a mistake that may destroy your chances of a better life.
sell - you will have bad intentions towards other people.


1. Pleasant social activities.

2. Confusion, usually regarding business affairs.

A dreamer may have dreams about Vodka when they procrastinate to complete a former obligation.

What does it mean when you dream about Vodka?

Vodka dreams mean that the dreamer is resentful of accountabilities from a previous life experience.

To dream of drinking vodka represents a wish to feel good not having to notice something. Trying to enjoy yourself while being willfully blind to a problem. Dangerously aware of yourself pushing the limits.


Negatively, vodka may reflect your attempt to feel good ignoring problems. A risk of going overboard having a good time neglecting to address or discuss something important. Feeling good while being aware off yourself ignoring a responsibility. It may also reflect pushing your luck with a relationship.

Example: A young man dreamed of drinking vodka that would end up causing a bomb to go off if he drank too much. In waking life he was having serious trust and relationship issues with a girl he embarrassed and trying his hardest to feel good around her while not calling attention to the problem. This neglect destroyed the relationship.


Example 2: A woman dreamed of drinking vodka from a red shot glass. In waking life he was very unhappy with her husband and trying to enjoy herself behind his back without going too far with it.

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