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Dream Interpretation of baldness

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Dream Interpretation of baldness - Baldness dream meaning

1. Shame or humiliation; Isa. 22:12

2. Judgment;

3. Mourning;

4. Being uncovered and exposed. Jer. 47:5 If you are a woman and you dream of being bald, this would be negative because in scripture your hair speaks of glory and for it to be shaved off, would indicate shame and losing the glory the Lord has given you. Lev. 21:5;

Vision: Dreaming about being bald: you are missing something that you envy in others and you are suffering emotionally because of it.

If you are very intellectual or wise, the dream could mean society’s esteem for you is increasing. Looking at bald men: an imitation to a very interesting party or celebration. See Hair.

Depth Psychology: Being bald indicates a fear of being “found out.” See Hair. It could also be a sign of feelings of inferiority—you think that others are more attractive than you are. Remember: the inside is much more important than the outside!

(Alopecia; Baldheadedness; Balding; Hairless) In a dream, baldness means loss of job or falling in rank.

If one sees himself bald-headed in a dream, it means that his superior will lose money in business to the authorities or by a fire that will eat up his property. It also can be interpreted as becoming needy, or if he is indebted, it means that he will payoff his loan.

If one sees his hair thinned until it reaches baldness in a dream, it means that he may lose his wealth or perhaps it could mean losing face with the people.

If one sees himself sitting with a bald-headed woman in a dream, it means that he is engaging in a project that is tainted with suspicion, or it could mean that he will become a victim to temptation. Seeing a baldheaded woman in a dream also signifies drought and scarcity. In a dream, baldheadedness also means money that is received from one’s superior at work and requires tremendous efforts to earn. Such earnings will costs more than what they are worth.

Intellectualization (the crown chakra). Also brutality, or effects of radiation. Intellectual failure. According to 2nd century dream interpreter Artem- idorus, loss of relatives or objects.

Folklore: Either bad health or problems in love.

1. Fears of a loss of sexual potency.

2. Fear of advancing age.

3. Feeling well-loved (completely bald).

4. A measure of virility.

This dream is a forerunner of hard luck both in family life and in business.

(see Hair)

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