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Dream Interpretation of ten

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Dream Interpretation of ten - Ten dream meaning

(see Numbers)

Manifestation; an alternative type at one numerologically. Cabalistic: Alterations in your spiritual goals or path.

Divine or mundane law. In the Old Testament, Moses received 10 commandments that were to be obeved bv the Israelites (see Stones).

The muse: David, the great hard of the Old Testament, had a harp with 10 strings (see Music).

Ten corresponds to closure, great strength, and gains. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, ten is the symbol of law, the Ten Commandments governing human relations between each other and with God. As the sum of 1, 2, 3 and 4, ten is considered a perfect number, integrating creation, movement, humanity and stability. Ten is associated with the Tarot Wheel of Fortune, a card that suggests change and opportunity.

If you dream of the number ten, this represents perfection, and your attempt to achieve an ideal.

1. Wholeness and the divine order.

2. Having completed a phase of life or cycle.

In dreams, the number ten represents closure, great strength and gains.

A new beginning, after having reached the goal. In the Egyptian tarot, the Wheel of Fortune. And a “10” is, of course, the perfect woman.

Ten appears seldom in dreams. Sometimes ten—1 and 0— indicates the dreamer’s loneliness.

A new, higher phase of development in life is beginning that is born of the emptiness of the zero (0). You are starting something new, but need to build on the experiences of the past.

The Ten is the symbol for rebirth and perhaps of a new career.

Ten—people: see One.

To dream about the number ten represents conclusion, power, and advancement.

New beginnings, the male and female together.

Legally complete; god’s part, the tithe of one tenth

Ten is the number of the creative paradigm, the totality, the microcosm within the macrocosm, and the beginning of a new cycle. Ten denotes strength and success.

Not all people love math.

Whoever loves numbers can go on solve that brain-cracking formula since you can escape it, right? Wrong! Because numbers can still haunt you in your dreams, there is no escape. You just have to deal with it. But do remember that there is something that numbers are telling us.

Numbers in our dreams may not appear as really “10” or “ten” for they might appear indirectly like number of apples, number of things or persons. Take also for example that if you dreamed of seeing “1900” or “2008” that can mean year “1900” or year “2008”. On the other hand, you can count or add each number like 1+9+0+0 and the result is number ten.

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